Hostile Takeover

by Eyedos

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Second single from the forthcoming album 'Guerrilla Bars'


Verse 1
Bad to the bone, Dos sat on the throne like Skeletor
this here is legacy of Kain with a Celtic sword
brothers on the hunt for blood, we hellbent on war
saying the remedies change but I've never felt so poor
bipolar microphone soldier with emotional instability
soon to be super-star like Mario's invincibility
a chemical dependency; acid, shrooms and ecstasy
had your lady going ass to mouth like the human centipede
mercenary with carbines, bury the ruthless enemies
punchlines so brutal that I can make you see 10 of me
Charles Xavier, battle with mental telepathy
spartan behavior, so cutting-edge I'm beheading most any beast
cooking up classics like ya grannies recipes
see another side of me if you standing next to me
I'm dressed to kill and my music is to die for
terminate your fam like a futuristic cyborg

Verse 2
Leather Face with a chain saw, but better taste than Jeffrey Dahmer
injecting H, your life heron, blow out ya brains, Kobain in thought
shit ain't right on Purple Haze like Jimi when he played guitar
dextrocardia, my hearts in the right place and my squad's
some mutants unified, a bunch of screwy guys
stick my dick in the clockwork and I call it "doing time"
sickest scenarios ever thought of from the human mind
fans are zombies n all of them hungry when the music's right
Todd Shaw, your lives are Too Short so I'll off ya'll
midgets going through chemo, they wanna see me low balled (bald)
bout to drop fast like an outlaw with a slow draw
raise the bar you couldn't leap even if you pole vault
you pushing base like Primus, blow went up in your sinus
blowing up in your mind like ya know ya drugs are the finest
sewn up in a line with my custom tailored rhyming
I'm drunk with power like a motherfucking hammered tyrant
tearing hymens, fuck a pussy up and I gave it a pair of diamonds
too, silence you n those fighting words, make some dude a violent mute
albino brute in the zoo but you turning white like vitiligo do
never see me coming like a happy ending from a blind masseuse
this dudes berserk letting the Buddha burn
putting my duty first like this was some sewage work
get a grip universally super firm so you can move the earth
or lose your turn like a doorknob covered in lubriderm

Verse 3
Broke every principle, I was a bad student
drag you under, fill ya lungs with fluid like Rasputin
rap mutants keep it moving, ya stuck in the trap movement
acid rap, my team looks like a hazmat unit
unfazed by violence, we cold as Vladimir Putin
or a gathering of skull n bones in Kashmir suits
women jump my bones, you gangbang in a skeleton crew
forehead at gunpoint, give you bangs like Penelope Cruz
bust shots in a Honda, while I bang in my Element too
I'm fly as shit and ya'll take me for some pelican poop
rolling with my clique, on Molly n I'm low on these clips
hard as fuck, I'll carve your tombstone with my dick
giving the face of time a close shave with Occam's Razor
lady killer n Doppleganger of the Boston Strangler
the roof is on fire while they flooding the foyer
and on that note, i rest my case like a narcoleptic lawyer


released January 28, 2017
Produced by Rideout Productions
Mixed and Mastered by Eyedos



all rights reserved


Eyedos Burlington, Vermont

Born in '87, Eyedos spent most of his childhood sketching & listening to a blend of Blues, Metal and Classic Rock but always identified music as a form of self-expression. At age 12, he found a love for hip hop. Once a comic artist, Eyedos directed his creative drive towards writing, rhyming & production. '04, Eyedos took charge of JynxINC's production while Krypto Man focused on management. ... more

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